“When we opened Trap Door, we were lucky to gain a massive following fast. However we turned down massive business over the inability to allow our clients to bring their own.  I personally take part in tastings all the time, and thought it would be a perfect addition to the social experience of puzzle solving. We created Puzzles & Corks to be just that. Now you can bring the experience to your place, and bring a whole new clientele to your facilities.”

–Tone Purzycki

What does Affiliation mean?

You will be able to hold Puzzles & Corks events in your facility. Very important, we do not allow affiliates to be within 15 miles of one another.


12 months of new Puzzles themes

12 months of Tastings with specs for educating the client or the ability to use your own products if you are a winery or vineyard.

Puzzles & Corks promotional materials

Puzzles & Corks Marketing behind your location

Guidance through setup or a dedicated Game Master to run the event.

and more…



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